since 2002.

With a fleet of tilt trays, side loaders, low loaders, hiab crane and crane trucks
Reef Group can assist with your container transport requirements.


Reef Group Transportation Company is a leading transport company and offers comprehensive heavy freight transportation solutions for clients in Bunbury and across WA. Our extensive fleet includes side loaders, Hiab cranes, low loaders and tilt tray slide trucks, all of which are capable of moving and lifting oversized freight, including sea containers, safely and efficiently. Our experienced team of qualified operators have extensive experience in providing freight transportation services across a huge range of sectors and undergo regular training to ensure all certification is up to date and complies with any existing and new legislation. Learn more about the services we offer by getting in touch and outlining your requirements.


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Suitable for carrying all of your access equipment and machinery weighing up to 24 ton…

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Reef Group Transportation Company: Sea Container, Shipping Container, and Machinery Transport in Bunbury, WA

Reef Group has been providing freight transport services throughout Australia since 2002. Our team boasts combined industry experience of more than 40 years, and we operate a fleet of state-of-the-art side loaders, low loaders, tilt trays and Hiab crane trucks. Along those lines, we’ve stepped out as a natural leader in container transport in Perth and Bunbury.

We specialise in the shipment of oversized equipment, heavy machinery, access equipment, sea containers, general freight and more. Reef Group is capable of providing transport across the Perth metropolitan area, as well as throughout WA and even interstate via Fremantle Ports or rail.

Our Fleet of Transport Vehicles in Perth and Bunbury

As a leading provider of shipping container transport in Perth, Reef Group maintains a diverse fleet of specially equipped vehicles capable of loading and transporting a range of heavy machinery, equipment and containers. Here’s a sampling of the vehicles in our fleet:

  • Tilt Tray Slide Trucks
    Our tilt trays are capable of loading and offloading equipment at a minimum angle so that your cargo is treated with the utmost care throughout the transport process. They can accommodate 20-foot containers or machinery and equipment weighing up to 10 tonnes. The award-winning loading and offloading system further assists in ensuring delicate handling from start to finish.
  • Side Loaders
    These heavy-duty vehicles are capable of carrying 20-foot or 40-foot containers as well as containerised generators weighing up to 30 tonnes. A side loader is equipped with crane arms, which are deployed to the right-hand side of the vehicle for the purpose of loading and offloading the cargo. With that in mind, side loader transport in Perth requires clearance on the driver’s side during the loading phase.
  • Low Loaders
    Also known as a ‘drop deck’, a tri-axle low loader is capable of carrying up to 24 tonnes of machinery and equipment. Low loader transport in Bunbury features a two-tiered deck. The top deck is 4 metres long, while the bottom deck is 9.5 metres long. We also carry twist locks and stanchions, which allow us to transport 20-foot and 40-foot sea containers on our low loaders as well.
  • Hiab Cranes
    Our hydraulic truck mounted hiab crane is a highly versatile piece of equipment, and it allows us to lift heavy machinery over fences, move cargo past obstacles and deliver to second and third floor locations. It also comes with an optional pig trailer that is able to deliver multiple loads. Our crane operator is highly qualified – holding both EWP and forklift tickets – and he’s licensed to operate any mobile slewing crane of up to 100 tonnes.

You can download our ‘Transport Guide’ for more information regarding which vehicle is best suited to the job you have in mind. And if you require clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 08 9454 3724.

Safe and Reliable Sea Container Transport in Bunbury, Perth

Safety is a top priority at Reef Group. Our vehicles are WA Heavy Vehicle Accredited (Main Roads WA), and all of our drivers are highly qualified for the work they perform. We insist that licensure, elevated work platform certifications (EWPs), first-aid training, MSIC cards, white cards and medical check-ups are all up to date. We also tend to fatigue management and other factors that affect the health and wellbeing of our drivers.

If a specific vehicle in our fleet requires any special expertise, we’re there to ensure that everything is in order. For example, our Hiab crane operator is licensed to handle a mobile slewing crane that can lift up to 100 tonnes. Of course, he also holds his forklift ticket and EWP.

As your business grows and begins to branch out into new markets across Australia and the world, you’ll need scalable transport solutions in order to keep up. Container transport in Perth is an important part of this equation. Contact Reef Group today to learn more.

See Our Fleet at Work

Reef Group’s truck unloading a 20ft sea container. Find more videos on our Youtube page.