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Reliable Low Loader and Drop Decks Transport Hire in Bunbury

Reef Group is a leading transport company based with a depot in Bunbury. Here, we work hard to provide top-notch logistics and transportation services to a range of clients throughout Western Australia. Some of our services include low loader and drop deck transportation services which are defined by our organisation’s commitment to professionalism, reliability and safety. Reef Group is a knowledgeable transport company with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. We have developed an outstanding reputation among our local and interstate clients by delivering cost-effective and reliable services that meet our clients’ ongoing and evolving transportation needs.

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An In-Depth Look At Our Low Loaders And Drop Decks

Proudly delivering the most reliable low loader transport in Bunbury, Reef Group’s low loaders/drop decks are perfect for delivering a range of access equipment and machinery to local and interstate worksites. Our operators are generally used by our clients to help transfer concrete slabs, building products, construction sources, machinery, vehicles, industrial equipment and more. Moving has never been easier than with the use of our services.

With the capability to transport immense loads of up to 24t in weight, our feature-packed trucks boast two decks. This contains a 3.8m top deck and a 9.8m bottom deck – with all the low loaders/drop decks in our fleet outfitted with container twist locks. This function allows us to safely transport 20ft and 40ft shipping containers and containerized equipment (including containerized generators).

Low loaders are assembled within the physical technicalities in the semi-trailer with a few other drops between the height, gooseneck, and front and back axles. Due to such design intricacies, the general height of low loaders is very low when compared to other conventional trailers.

In keeping with our important focus on safety, reliability and professionalism, our low loader fleet is extremely well-maintained, with all our qualified and licensed drivers receiving the most up-to-date training to ensure the highest standards are met. The drop deck extendable ranges bottom deck ranges from sizing of 9.7m to 17.2m (with a 3.9m top deck). These are usually used to carry 12m offices that are no taller than 3.5m.

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Why Choose Low Loader Transport in Bunbury?

Low loader/drop deck trucks are an evident choice when you need help transporting heavy equipment and machinery to and from worksites locally and interstate. Here are five reasons why our Reef Group trucks are in such high demand:

  • They are without fault, the required transportation solution for high/tall machinery that can not be broken down.
  • With three axles, the tyres stretch the entire length of the trailer, which helps deliver superior stability.
  • Containers and equipment are easily packed without disconnecting the trailer from the truck.
  • Low loaders are appropriate for transporting a vast range of equipment and machinery.
  • The adjustable height enables low loaders to quickly load large amounts of cargo, the simplest way possible.
  • They can be safely used on roads that can be at maximum road speed while transporting full loads.
  • They are constructed to be strong, robust, and durable to grasp a large number of tonnes formerly.
  • Furthermore, another advantage worth noting is that using our low loader transport for Bunbury and interstate clients is their increased ease of manoeuvrability. This is a critically important part of transporting heavy machinery around inner-city areas, on work and construction sites as they are often littered with obstacles.


Accidents on work sites are usually caused by heavy trucks and machinery that are too clunky and unwieldy to fit within tight roads and narrow areas. When equipment and machinery is required to be loaded/unloaded, hiring low loader trucks from Reef Group allows you to make sure your worksite is a safer place for the benefit of all employees.

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Is Reef Group the Perfect Transport Company For You?

Since we have been in the transportation industry circa 2002 and have a specialist team with more than 40 years’ combined industry experience, few local transport companies can match Reef Group for our industry expertise, knowledge and the specialist advice we offer.

Yet there is so much more to what we do than just the provision of safe, dependable and professional transport services at the most cost-effective rates available. Reef Group makes sure to work closely with our clients throughout the whole buyer’s journey. This allows us to ensure we are always capable of meeting all their transport requirements. Each job requires different needs, and we work hard to make sure each of those needs are met.

To achieve this, we oversee our clients’ requirements, helping ensure there is never a lag in communication or service provision. We make sure to take the required steps needed to help guarantee regular, reliable services, whether that is using dependable subcontractors or through purchasing more equipment.

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Call Reef Group And Get Your Project Started Now

Reef Group prides itself on the excellent customer service record that we extend to all our clients. So if you require any further information about our low loader and drop deck trucks, what they can transport, where they can be loaded and unloaded, or look to obtain a competitive quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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