Side Loader Transport Bunbury

A Look Into The Logistics Of Side Loader Transport in Bunbury, WA

When you have containers to transport with limited space, side loader rentals are a great solution. Reef Group is a prime company based in Bunbury that specialises in transport. We help assist safe, reliable and professional transportation services for all different types of clients across Australia. Our team only consists of the most experienced drivers with ongoing investments in our vehicle fleet. With our highly versatile side loader trucks, we are fully capable of providing the complete spectrum of transportation services to our client’s across a broad range of industries and sectors.

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When To Use Side Loaders

Each of our clients requires different services with our side loaders. Below are some examples:

  • Road transport – allows you to operate within all safety regulations.
  • Stacking containers – Side Loaders have a stacking function that allows the customer to stack one container on top of the other, saving optimal space.
  • To and from the ground – Can unpack a container when placed on the ground. When the container is on the ground a side loader can continue onto the next job.
  • To and from a trailer/wagon – Side loaders can be used as a convoy or mobile lifting device, transferring containers from a wagon or trailer.
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Our Company Side Loaders

When you are looking to find the most reliable side loader transport in Bunbury, Reef Group is the obvious choice for you. Our side loader fleet is modernised, extremely well-maintained and able to meet all your transportation needs. Mounted on a truck or trailer, Side loaders can operate with a lack of assistance and without any extra equipment. This overall minimises wait time, planning while making it achievable to deliver a seamless, competitive service.

Our loaders can carry 20ft and 40ft containers. This also includes any standard shipping containers and containerized generators, which can reach up to 30ft in weight. These are also outfitted with crane arms to complete the task of loading and unloading freight from the driver’s side, yet require a clearance of 6m (width) 16m (length) and 4.5m (height). When the container is unloaded it is placed between the two outrigger feet of the side loader, alongside to and approximately half a metre from the side of the truck. While there is a specific clearance required, our side loaders are extremely versatile nonetheless.

Why Should You Choose Reef Group for Your Transportation Needs?

Our team proudly carries over 15 years of experience within the industry, employing only accredited heavy vehicle drivers with a modern fleet of side loader trucks. It is no mistake that Reef Group is the leading provider for all side loader transport in Bunbury and across Western Australia. Here are some additional reasons why you should choose our services:

  • Safe working and transportation practices are our number one focus
  • Reef Group is WA Heavy Vehicle Certified (Main Roads WA)
  • Our drivers’ qualifications and training is kept up-to-date

As a proud 2015 ‘WA Innovator of The Year Finalist’, Reef Group is focused on always delivering leading-edge container and equipment transportation services.  This is why we routinely monitor and compare different client needs to ensure we are always capable of achieving the specific requirements for your business. Whether this includes obtaining new plant equipment or working alongside one of our leading subcontractors, you can rest assured your transportation needs are covered.

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The Advantages of Using Side Loader Transport

Side loaders are a highly flexible type of container transportation truck with an endless list of advantages if you choose to use them. When you require a cost-effective and reliable transportation solution, side loaders are an excellent choice. Here are five reasons why you should choose side loader transport when distributing shipping containers, containerized equipment and generators.

  • Sider loader transportation is the most versatile option in terms of loading and transporting large containers
  • Have been proven to be more accurate and precise when compared to other container loadings/transport vehicles
  • Provided that all clearance requirements have been met, container transfers can take place at any location
  • Additional loading equipment is never required, which overall helps contribute to side loader transports cost-effectiveness

What’s more, is side loaders are extremely accurate and enable 20ft and 40ft containers to be loaded and unloaded to and from the ground and don’t require any extra equipment or machinery. They also work to help minimise the risk of workplace injury to workers within the immediate area. This, plus the above advantages prove a great reason behind choosing to use side loader transport in Bunbury. Whenever you require shipping containers or containerized equipment transported to worksites, ports, railway stations and other logistics hubs, Reef Group is here for you.

Reserve Your Side Loader Truck Now

Escorting and transferring shipping containers promptly is just a small part of what we do here at Reef Group. We pride ourselves on achieving the best customer experiences for our clients, which has helped cement our strong reputation as the foremost transport company in Bunbury. We work hard to ensure professionalism and a hassle-free experience when arranging reliable and safe side loader transport.  Our team of customer service representatives is always available to clients to answer any questions and take your reservation.

To reserve one of our side loaders right now, please contact Reef Group by calling 08 9454 3724. You can also submit an enquiry through our contact form which is found on our website.