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June 29, 2017
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July 25, 2017
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Go Karting Fun For The Team
22nd July 2017

On Saturday 22nd July the Reef Group team and some of our clients had a fun day out at Ultra Fast Karts in Wanneroo. It was a great day out even though it was a bit wet, the rain adds to the fun right?

We saw everyone’s competitive side come out as they raced for victory! Each round the drivers made 8 laps of the course, with 3 rounds to try and prove their driving skills.

And now for the important part… the winners of the day!
1st Place – Kevin (Reef Group)
2nd Place – Clarke (Budget Self Pack)
3rd Place – Bradley (Reef Group)

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for being part of a fun day out! We also extend a huge thank you to Budget Self Pack Containers for providing lunch at the pub after the race.



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