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Tilt trays

Fitted with the safest Container Loading and Off Loading System we can transport 20ft containers and equipment weighing up to 10 ton… 

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Side loader transport

Used for transporting 20ft and 40ft sea containers where loading and unloading is required to the side of the truck. Suitable to carry up to 30 ton…

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Low Loaders/Drop Decks

Suitable for carrying all of your access equipment and machinery weighing up to 24 ton...

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Hiab crane

Capable of transporting a 20ft sea container of up to 4.8 ton and other equipment up to 7.5 ton with permits for carrying oversize equipment…

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Reef Group Transportation Company are a leading transport company and offer comprehensive heavy freight transportation solutions for clients in Bunbury and across WA. Our extensive fleet includes side loaders, Hiab cranes, low loaders and tilt tray slide trucks, all of which are capable of moving and lifting oversized freight, including sea containers, safely and efficiently. Our experienced team of qualified operators have extensive experience in providing freight transportation services across a huge range of sectors and undergo regular training to ensure all certification is up to date and complies with any existing and new legislation. Learn more about the services we offer by getting in touch and outlining your requirements.

Reef Group Transportation Company: Sea Container, Shipping Container, and Machinery Transport in Perth, WA

Reef Group has been providing freight transport services throughout Australia since 2002. Our team boasts combined industry experience of more than 40 years, and we operate a fleet of state-of-the-art side loaders, low loaders, tilt trays and Hiab crane trucks. Along those lines, we’ve stepped out as a natural leader in container transport in Perth.

We specialise in the shipment of oversized equipment, heavy machinery, access equipment, sea containers, general freight and more. Reef Group is capable of providing transport across the Perth metropolitan area, as well as throughout WA and even interstate via Fremantle Ports or rail.

See Our Fleet at Work

Reef Group’s truck unloading a 20ft sea container. Find more videos on our Youtube page.