Sculpture By Sharon White

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Image of Hiab truck delivering sculpture

Sculpture By Sharon White Delivered To Vic Park
9th December 2016

Artist Sharon White was commissioned by the Victoria Park council to create a sculpture for the Rotary Park on Boundary Rd, Vic Park. Sharon designed the Carnaby Cockatoo sculpture and worked with the fabricators to bring it to life over the past year and a half. She says the idea behind the design was to have a sculpture that would fit in with the surroundings of the park and celebrate the local wildlife.

On the 9th of December Reef Group’s Hiab assisted with the delivery and install of the sculpture. It took our Hiab driver two hours on site of lifting & maneuvering to complete the install. The sculpture can now be viewed at the Rotary Park, Victoria Park and if you walk underneath you will see the birds from all different angles.



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