How to Set Up a Storage Container Business With These 8 Tips

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How to Set Up a Storage Container Business With These 8 Tips

Have you ever thought about setting up your own storage container business? After all, storage containers are becoming increasingly popular due to the lack of storage space in many homes. Whether it be for business or private use, storage containers are an affordable way to add storage space that’s secure, reliable, and basically weather-proof. Some eBay sellers even use these types of containers as a warehouse for their products.

If you want to make a living by selling storage containers, then you came to the right place. In this article, we’ll be going over 10 tips that will help you jump-start your new business idea and turn it into a reality.

  1. Evaluate your competition

The first thing you should do is scope out your competition. Are there other storage container options near you? If so, how accessible is your location compared to theirs? If your site is closer or more convenient for the local population, then you already have an edge. Areas with lots of new houses are perfect for a storage container business as new homeowners may need additional space for storing their goods.

Take the time to investigate your competition (as well as your potential customers) so you can plan your business more effectively.

  1. Use one-trip shipping containers

One-trip shipping containers are containers that have only been used once prior to being sold. Using one-trip shipping containers will help maximize your investment as they will last for 10-20 years with little to no maintenance. They also look cleaner and brand new, which can appeal to your potential customers who are looking to expand their storage space.

  1. Work with one trusted supplier only

You may be tempted to work with different suppliers to get the best prices, but we recommend sticking with only one for your business. What this does is maintain a clean appearance across all of your containers so when you order one, its overall design, colour, and structure are all consistent.

  1. Use direct debit for rentals

At some point, you will encounter customers who will either forget their storage containers or rarely store anything inside of them. Some just never go around to cancel their rent so in this case, it’s better that you use direct debit when making arrangements. Automatic payments give you peace of mind and alleviate the hassle of constantly chasing clients for overdue payments.

  1. Hire a designer for your facility

When setting up a storage container business, the overall look of your facility should be one of your main priorities. It can be difficult to make a scale plan of your site if it’s your first time running operations, so we suggest hiring a facility designer instead. The facility designer will take care of all the design aspects and eliminate the guesswork for you, thus saving you plenty of time and money. You want to maximize the space within your site as much as possible to allow storage of 10-40 feet containers.

  1. Think about condensation protection

One of the most common problems associated with storage containers is condensation. This can be due to temperature fluctuations, lack of ventilation, and other factors. Condensation can corrode metals and in worse cases, encourage mould growth. To combat this, consider investing in a dessicant bag. These bags weigh up to 2 kilos and can be hung on the container walls to reduce the moisture content. It’s a minor investment that will pay huge dividends, especially for a business that’s just starting out.

  1. Avoid buying containers straight from China

It can be tempting to cut off the middleman when buying shipping containers, but in reality this is a bad idea. It’s the middlemen that do the quality checking and sourcing to make sure you don’t buy crappy containers. For a business that’s just starting out, it’s better to reach out to a reputable dealer than buying the containers directly from China. That way, you can avoid the cheap, low-quality containers that may affect your business reputation.

  1. Invest in good container flooring

Container floors are often an after-thought, but customers pay close attention to it more than you think. Usually, storage containers come with a plywood floor that’s coated with varnish. The problem is that these floors can scratch up quite easily, leaving unsightly marks that can appear off-putting to some customers.

Instead of using plywood floors, you can invest in high-quality bamboo flooring. It’s extremely tough, is non-porous, and eco-friendly. Only a small percentage of storage containers come with bamboo flooring. If you have the budget, investing in good container flooring is definitely worth looking into.

It’s always a good idea to talk to other business owners within this industry so you can get a feel for how to operate one. While these tips are far from storage container gospel, they are good ideas that you can use to run your own storage container business.

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